GEDI is Ready for Launch
  • November 13, 2018
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  • The GEDI instrument has been fully integrated into the Dragon trunk of SpaceX-16 and is now scheduled for launch on December 4th. The instrument successfully went through environmental testing in September. This testing simulates launch and space-like conditions, and included vibrational, acoustic, electromagnetic and thermal vacuum testing.
    Other tests were also performed to ensure GEDI’s readiness for on-orbit commissioning. Throughout all testing the GEDI instrument showed excellent and stable performance and a green light was given on Monday October 1st, after which the team proceeded with planning GEDI’s shipment.

    After GEDI successfully completed the final pre-shipment review, which took place on October 11th and 12th, the instrument was shipped to the Kennedy Space Center and arrived in great condition. The instrument was handed over to SpaceX on October 22nd, four days ahead of schedule, and was subsequently integrated in the Dragon capsule of the SpaceX CRS 16 Falcon 9 rocket. GEDI subsequently passed a critical, KDP-D/E on November 7th. GEDI is now fully ready for it’s scheduled launch and will soon be joining NASA’s ambitious ICESat-2 lidar mission on orbit, marking a milestone in the observation of the Earth’s surface using laser altimetry.

    Watch NASA’s latest video release on the GEDI mission:

    Kudos to the GEDI team who made it all happen:

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