Changes in land use and climate are fundamentally altering Earth’s tropical and temperate forests …
… but we don’t have a complete picture of their impact on global ecosystems
GEDI laser ranging observations provide the missing piece - high resolution measurements of the Earth’s 3D structure
… enabling us to address urgent questions about the Earth’s carbon & water cycles and biodiversity.
Global Ecosystem Dynamics Investigation (GEDI)
High resolution laser ranging of Earth’s forests and topography from the International Space Station (ISS)


GEDI will provide answers to how deforestation has contributed to atmospheric CO2 concentrations, how much carbon forests will absorb in the future, and how habitat degradation will affect global biodiversity.>>


GEDI observes nearly all tropical and temperate forests using a self-contained laser altimeter on the International Space Station.>>

Applications of GEDI Data Products

GEDI’s data are of immense value for forest and water resource management, carbon cycle science, and weather prediction.>>

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