Algorithm Theoretical Basis Documents (ATBDs) describe the physical theories, mathematical procedures and model assumptions applied in the calculation of geophysical quantities from laser altimetry measurements received by the GEDI instrument. These documents provide necessary background for users to understand and use the GEDI data products. Each ATBD corresponds to one or more GEDI data products and can be accessed in the table below. 

ATBD#   ATBD name Data products Version Date
L1A-2A Transmit and Receive Waveform Interpretation and Generation of L1A and L2A products 1A: Raw waveforms

2A: Ground elevation, canopy top height, relative height (RH) metrics

1.0 12-2019
L1B Waveform Geolocation for L1 and L2 Products Geolocated waveforms 1.0 12-2019
L2B Footprint Canopy Cover and Vertical Profile Metrics Canopy Cover Fraction (CCF), CCF profile, Leaf Area Index (LAI), LAI profile 1.0 12-2019
L3 Gridded Land Surface Metrics Gridded Level 2 metrics 1.0 03-2021
L4A Footprint Above Ground Biomass Density  Footprint level above ground biomass 1.0 08-2021
L4B Gridded Biomass Product Gridded Above Ground Biomass Density (AGBD) 1.0 TBD
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