AGU Fall Meeting
  • December 5, 2017
  • Latest News
  • The GEDI SDT is preparing for an exciting week of science at the American Geophysical Union Fall meeting in New Orleans, held from 11-15 December. Seven members of the GEDI Science Definition Team are preparing their oral presentations and posters, to share the latest of updates of the GEDI mission with the scientific community. GEDI Principal Investigator Ralph Dubayah will give an overview of the GEDI strategy to map forest biomass and structure. Dr. Steven Hancock is preparing a presentation on the GEDI Simulator tool, which can be used to test the data algorithms on GEDI-like data simulated from airborne lidar data. Dr. James Kellner will give an overview of the most up-to-date results regarding biomass mapping at the GEDI Footprint level. Dr. Laura Duncanson is preparing her results on mapping above ground biomass in Sonoma County, California, using a fusion of GEDI, ICESAT2 & NISAR data. Dr. Paul Patterson is presenting his results on the use of hybrid estimators for GEDI’s gridded biomass product. Graduate students Wenlu Qi and Suzanne Marselis are preparing to present parts of their dissertation research. Wenlu focusses on biomass mapping using a fusion of TandemX and simulated GEDI data. Suzanne presents the use of lidar waveform derivatives for mapping vegetation types in a savanna – tropical forest succession in Gabon.

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